Forget everything they told you about women entrepreneurs and start your own future success

Through my personal experience to your future success. 

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Forget everything they told you about women entrepreneurs and start your own future!

We live in a truly unique, although pretty confusing time. On the one hand, technological progress, communication and social evolution seem to have opened all the doors for everybody, help us build credibility and discover our potential. Today people have a chance to achieve their goals based on their skills, talents and ability to present themselves to the world.

Take me. I came to the United Kingdom with nothing but £265 in my pocket. I hardly spoke English and had nobody to take me under the wing and promote me. However, throughout my 12-year journey in the fashion industry, one of the most vicious and dynamic markets globally, I managed to find and claim my place under the sun. I started helping numerous women to find and claim theirs. I managed to achieve everything that I have today by understanding the true essence of organic growth in the modern business world. Now, my dream is to pass my knowledge and experience to as many women as possible.

You may find success stories, guides and manuals on the Internet today that are supposed to help you make the first step towards your dreams. Some of them contain insights and expertise that you may apply in practice, but trying to do so, I always realised that there is something synthetically unrealistic in them. It all looks so smooth and straightforward in theory but requires a genuinely suitable course of events and a ton of luck to come to life.

However, there is always more to each success story. Hardly our ways to glory and recognition are paved with roses. And many times, it happens that even in the era of progress, ethics and justice, millions of women worldwide, their businesses and dreams have to face obstacles that may seem fantastic and unrealistic in the 21st century.

Leveling the field for women entrepreneurs

Whether you have your own business or plan to start one, you might have already understood that all the talks about equality still break against the solid wall of prejudice in the modern business world.

Researches prove that women managers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs usually create a healthier and more fruitful atmosphere in the business world due to our psychological and behavioural peculiarities. Nevertheless, each of us has faced rejection or scepticism towards our business ambitions based on our gender.

However, statistically, women appear to be most keen in businesses that serve today as the backbone of the global economy. Beauty and care, service and hospitality and, of course, the fashion market don’t only encourage people’s purchasing activity and develop local economies and communities. Still, they provide most workplaces today, allowing people to develop, become independent and support their families.

With my event-planning experience, I had the honour and pleasure to interview and contact women who managed to build themselves a consistent reputation in the business world and share my passion and desire to empower and encourage women worldwide to take their steps to success, financial and personal independence.

From now on, I decided to put my efforts into holding significant events, events that convert, let those excellent speakers deliver their message to those who genuinely need encouragement and guidance on the way to their success.

Starting my career in the United Kingdom in the alteration shop, I got an opportunity to meet numerous different people. I learned to listen to them, understand their demands and expectations and find ways to help them get what they want based on their raw materials.

It is precisely what I hope to do for my audience today: help aspiring women see their strong sides, given them by nature itself, modern technology, open communication and social background and use all those powerful features to achieve their goals in their unique manner unavailable for anyone else.

My goal is to level the playing field in the business world for women, help them create authority, and access the same resources, practices and opportunities. Together we overcome injustice and ignorance and help talented, passionate and gifted women contribute to our economy, culture and social development.

Rising from the ashes

The recent Pandemic of COVID-19 seems to have changed the world forever. We had to revise how we communicate, work, grow our children and provide them with a safe home and education.

Unfortunately, the quarantine restrictions appeared to be most brutal for those businesses and industries mostly owned and ruled by women entrepreneurs. I come from a family of entrepreneurs myself. My father was a carpenter, and my mother ran a hotel. Therefore from the youngest age, I knew both about the benefits and pitfalls of being independent.

Even now, when the Pandemic dust seems to settle, many talented women who were high achievers, adventurous and daring souls seem to be pretty unsure about their hospitality, service, beauty or fashion businesses and perspectives.

However, now is precisely when we, our genuine approach, aspirations and experience are exactly what the world needs to restore after the disaster, come back to life and rebuild local communities and the global economy according to the new fair and ethical standards.

Today is the day not only to own your future but ensure the future of everybody who depends on you, look up to you and trust you.

When the COVID restrictions struck, I was determined to find a way to learn from this experience, develop qualities and skills that would help me and my business pull through the uneasy period. I also wanted to help my audience adapt and unite, searching for support and inspiration in each other.

So I started to arrange online events that would unite women, introduce them to each other and help them share and absorb each other’s experience. I have deliberately invited women from the business world, authors and influences from different markets and industries with their organic audience built successfully during the Pandemic.

Once again, during that period, I have remembered my experience of working in an alteration shop, finding a way to make a living and being independent despite all the restrictions I had to face back then.

The restrictions are all in our head.

Talking to all those amazing women that I have interviewed at my virtual events and analysing my own experience, I have realised that the restrictions are set in our heads most of the time. For most of my life, I have been pulled back by my mindset, daydreaming about success and financial independence, but still thinking that I was too young, inexperienced or under-qualified to achieve any of my goals.

To be fair, I have started my own fashion business mainly because I thought it was the only way for me to finally realise my potential and gain financial independence without talking to others too much or being a part of a professional team. I was still pretty shy of my English and continued questioning my qualifications and readiness to apply for a job in the United Kingdom.

Now that my fashion brand is selling worldwide and I, myself, has built a team that I can rely on to work smoothly and efficiently, I realise how many women may be out there who, just like me, doubt their skills, abilities or education. In contrast, they have all the necessary talent and experience to start the first chapter of their own success stories.

Today, my goal is to reach out to those women and help them learn how they can adopt all the benefits of the modern digital world and benefit from it.

You don`t have the seed capital, connections or fancy background to achieve your goals today. All those restrictions and demands are primarily artificial and imposed either by old fashioned stereotypes or simply by companies that sell us promotion services in search engines or social media.

Women are naturally gifted with the superpower of agility and multitasking. We balance between our obligations, passions and dreams. We learn to find and wear the right hat at the right time. We have the talent to speak to various people their language while preserving our unique personalities.

It means that each of us has everything necessary to build and develop a business, be successful and confident in whatever we say and do. And today, we have social media and networking – the most powerful communication tools that let us spread the word, find like-minded people, customers and entrepreneurs.

My goal is to help more women discover and master this opportunity. Together we shall build a happier and fair society, help restore local economies, become independent and own their future.

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