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The “Thrive Accelerator” program is a 6-week course designed specifically for entrepreneurs looking to level up their businesses. With 6 modules covering mindset, niche, product development, pricing strategy, marketing, and more, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to build a successful business.

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Module 1 – “Mastering Your Mindset”

Module 2 – “Defining Your Niche and Ideal Customer Avatar”

Module 3 – “Creating Irresistible Products, Pricing, and Offers”

Module 4 – “Maximise Your Money:  Financial Planning and Analysis”

Module 5 – “The Power of Marketing and Sales:Winning Strategies to Get Your Business Noticed”

Module 6 – Bringing It All Together: “Action Plans to Achieve Sustainable Growth”

The total value of the "Thrive Accelerator" program is valued at £1995, but as a founding member, you can sign up now for just £395.

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