Are you in a creative industry, artist or a fashion designer who wants to turn your passion into a profitable brand but no idea where to begin?

Your Confidence Coach

Passion to Profit

Program designed for Aspiring Fashion Designers Who is Ready to Realise Their Passion

Get a head start in the creative industry

Passion to Profit is an online coaching programme that will turn your passion into a 5 figure business ready to scale. 

Setting up a business can be lonely and daunting.

With this 12 weeks programme that I built with my over 16 years of experience in fashion industry and degree in business you will learn how to create your first collection to identify a need in the market, design products that fill this gap, and launch them successfully into the marketplace. 

You’ll learn everything from ideal client avatar to finding the manufacturer of your collection. This online course is perfect for anyone with an idea for their own fashion product but doesn’t know where to begin.

If you want to be able to confidently say “I am a fashion designer with a brand!” then join us today!

At the end of this 12 weeks program you will have all the knowledge to successfully launch your brand and have a clear vision for your business.

Shanda Sumpter Jumpsuit

One of the greatest challenges of success is facing our own personal issues, and make sure they don’t prevent you from reaching out to your dream life. I am on a mission to help aspiring fashion designers to turn their passion into a profitable brand. I can not wait to be on your side and help you through each and every step. Success is simple when you have a guide to follow. 

It’s time to get in your driver’s seat and unleash your fullest potential. World needs your gift.

Success is not linear!