What You'll Learn in the Virtual Event Mastery Intensive Training? In this intensive training, you'll learn everything you need to know about the secret behind the virtual events, reason you must use as your growth strategy, planning with ease, finding a compelling message to invite your ideal clients and execution of the who process so that you can create successful events that generate income whilst attracting new clients to sell more of what they want from you AND BECOME THE INDUSTRY EXPERT in your field!

With this programme not only you are going to grow your email list, you will expand your network, become credible expert and you will create your year worth of content which will be then can convert to podcasts, blog posts and even a book in your subject of expertise and become an Author.

Your Confidence Coach



Let me help you build your credibility within your industry whilst growing your email list and bring revenue to your business. Plus this is an excellent way to communicate with your target market and learn best way to serve them, create product and services based on their needs and wants so you sell out each time!

The Event Mastery Intensive Training is the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs who want more clients. This training is designed to help you achieve success in just 90 days by teaching you how to cultivate and nurture a responsive community, build your list, and create successful events. 

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What do I get with "Virtual Event Mastery Training"

3h Intensive Training
Weekly Live Calls for the next 90 days
Private FB Group
Home Study Program
Email Templates
Editable Promotional Products
30 Days Content Prompts
and tips on how you can run your business with ease.
fashion designer who is on a mission to give women unshakeable confidence

The Virtual Event Mastery will help you

In this workshop we will explain

You have no business if you don’t have buyers! And your only power over reaching to your clients as and when you need and want is just direct messaging them. Having their email address is the only way you can serve them and make them an offer of your valuable service. 

If you are you looking for a new way to grow your email list this training is for you! 

 You’ll learn the best ways to become an expert, create content, build relationships, and get people excited about what you do.

It’s not complicated or expensive – it just works!

With this method, you can spend more time doing the things that matter most in your business while still growing at an incredible rate. You don’t need overly complicated funnels, emails and tech team – all you need is a simple way to connect with your audience to find out what they want and give them that!