What’s the Deal with Breathwork?

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Elif is guiding a client during a Breathwork session.

Now, here’s the catch, you can’t just pick this up from a YouTube tutorial.
Official holotropic breathwork is led by certified magicians, sorry, instructors.
They’ve clocked in 4-600 hours of training to guide you through this inner
In these sessions, people often face a sort of “therapeutic” whirlwind that
cleanses the negative vibes and steers them toward a healing zone. But
remember, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal – it’s about what you need in that
moment of your life.
So, what goes down in a session?
Picture this: a group setting, each person laying down on a matt with layers of
blankets and an eye mask with the magician sorry facilitator. The breather’s
doing the breathwork, while the sitter’s like the silent guardian making sure
everything’s cool. All under the watchful eye of a facilitator, guiding you
through the breathing pace, the music the whole shebang.
And music’s a big part of it, it’s like your soundtrack to an inner movie.
Drumming kicks it off, building up to a crescendo, then cruising into heart
music and ending in a meditative vibe.
But what does it feel like?
Rapid breathing might sound intimidating, right? That’s exactly what I thought!
And yes, it can be intense, but you’ve got the reins. If it’s too much, you can
bring it back. The goal isn’t to freak out but to flow through. It’s like entering a
vivid dream, exploring a more vibrant reality within yourself.
Now, why dive into this journey?
Well, stress relief, personal growth, self-awareness, mindset shift, all on the
table. It’s a playground for deeper life pondering, a space to learn, grow, and
heal. But, and this is crucial, it’s not a replacement for traditional therapy, it’s a
But, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. There are risks, especially for those
with certain health and medical conditions;
Currently on Heavy Medication,
Severe Psychiatric Symptoms,
Bipolar Depression,
Osteoporosis, Asthma,

Experiencing Emotional or Spiritual Crisis,
Cardiovascular Problems,
High Heart Rate or Blood Pressure,
History of Epilepsy or Seizures,
History of Diagnosed Mental Health Issues
So, it’s always best to check with your facilitator and if you have second
thoughts you can run through your doctor.

Holotropic breathwork is a fascinating journey into yourself, a rollercoaster
ride within your own consciousness. Just remember, it’s your journey, your
breath, your story.
I facilitate Breathwork day retreats on regular basis using this very technique
to help you release, heal, and soar.
This day retreats are your chance to join in and experience this
transformative practice firsthand.
It’s a day dedicated to you, your breath, and your journey toward healing and
wholeness. So, get in touch to check your nearest session and get ready to
journey within yourself.
It’s time to breathe, heal, and rise together.
See below some of my previous attendees feedback to help you decide if you
want to do this.

Elif Köse
Transformational Confidence Coach
January, 2024

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