Only 6 Months Left of 2023 🧐 Have You Been Working On Your Dreams?

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Its time for a real talk,

As a former fashion designer, I once believed that finding the perfect outfit was the key to feeling confident. I would marvel at how Wonder Woman would transform into her powerful self, and it made me realise the significance of outer confidence. However, as I delved deeper into personal development and explored my inner confidence, I discovered that there was much more to the puzzle.

I made it my mission to help others experience that same sense of confidence, to liberate themselves from the chains of their past, the opinions of others, and the need for external validation. It became clear to me that true worthiness comes from within, and I was determined to guide others on this transformative journey.

I took a leap of faith, going above and beyond my initial commitment. I made the bold decision to set aside my passion for fashion and invested in a property, transforming it into a retreat center in my hometown, a building originally was built my my father over 15 years ago. This house now serves as a sanctuary where individuals can participate in empowering programs that are led by me and my trusted healers and teachers, and I also provide a platform for other coaches and healers to use this space to help their circle. Together, we strive to reach wide and beyond, touching the lives of as many individuals as possible.

But enough about me. I want to know, what is your mission as a leader?

What drives you to unleash your true power?

What calls you to break free from the limitations and embrace a life of confidence, liberation, and empowerment?

When was the last time you have taken a moment to reflect on your own journey?

Have you consider the impact you want to make, the lives you want to touch, and the legacy you want to leave behind?

It is in these moments of self-discovery that we can truly align with our purpose and create meaningful change in the world.

Remember, confidence is not merely a reflection in the mirror or the clothes we wear. It stems from a deep connection with our inner selves, a recognition of our inherent worthiness, and the courage to liberate ourselves from external expectations.

If you feel a calling to be part of this transformative experience, I would be honoured to have you join us at my next retreat program in October 3rd-7th.

During this transformative 5 days journey, we will connect with like-minded individuals and foster a supportive community that uplifts and celebrates each other’s progress. It is an opportunity for reflection, renewal, and the profound inner work that paves the way for lasting transformation.

Please know that this invitation comes from a place of genuine intention, not as a sales pitch. I am here to offer unwavering support as we navigate this journey called life and make it a transformative journey together. I want you to take this last 6 months of the year as time to reflect, reset and find your true purpose.

Let us rise, embrace our authentic selves, and create a ripple of positive change in the world.

With heartfelt dedication,

Elif Köse

P.S. Contact me directly if you want to join my upcoming retreat at The Mira House Retreat & Celebration Venue this October.

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